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Atlanta’s Electric Owl Studios gives sustainable film production new wings

Located in Dekalb County, the 312,000-square-foot Electric Owl Studios will boast six sound stages and is certified for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Having successfully worked together on Doraville’s Third Rail Studios, Dan Rosenfelt and Michael Hahn recently joined forces again. They have co-founded the new Electric Owl Studios, set to open June 8, and are touting it as the greenest studio on Earth.

Located in Dekalb County across the street from the Indian Creek MARTA station, the 312,000-square-foot production facility will boast six sound stages – – four 20,000-foot stages and two 30,000-foot stages. The studio can host one major movie at a time for production or two large television shows. It will be the first studio in Atlanta that is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

With their history of working in the area, Atlanta was an easy pick for the studio. Both men agree that current tax incentives drive television and film production to the state of Georgia. Yet the attraction is more than that. “There’s a diversity of people and a diversity of locations to film in,” says Rosenfelt. “In a quick amount of time, a production can base themselves wherever they want to in Georgia but have a major city environment or a rural environment, water, etc. in a very small footprint.”

According to Hahn, only six filming locations in the world have those ideal elements in terms of crew, infrastructure and the ease of access — New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, London and Georgia. “Of all those locations with the infrastructure and crew that is needed to produce a movie, Georgia is the most affordable place,” says Hahn. “It’s at the top of everybody’s list, and that is continuing.”

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