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Helping Businesses Invest in An Eco-Friendly America


From commercial property management and project management, to building management for an industrial facility, we are prepared to show you how to you can reduce your operating costs or make your properties more attractive to potential tenants by offering them lower utility bills than your competition.


Clean Urban Living's team of well-trained, highly skilled installation professionals energy experts. Efficiency experts for our residential services, we are also passionate about helping businesses move toward a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly source of electricity to help businesses maximize their profits and improve their brand image.

Solar Energy

Benefits of solar energy for your business can include:

  • Reduced operating costs – The easiest way for any business to improve their PL statement is controlling costs. The energy needs of a modern business can be a significant portion of your day-to- day expenses. Solar energy is a less expensive alternative than traditional monthly utility bills.

  • Return on investment – For a one-time cost (no up-front cost if financed) you can have many years of free energy from the sun. A large rooftop array, like that on commercial buildings, can pay for themselves very quickly and will last for many decades with a solar panel warranty of 25 years.

  • Decrease your business’ carbon footprint – when your business makes the switch to solar energy, your business is contributing to a better environment. There's a new generation of customers coming who appreciate companies that make an effort to “go green”. Together, we can reduce harmful emissions (like sulfur dioxide), reduce poisonous waste products (like arsenic and mercury) and keep more clean water for drinking than we can by getting energy from non-renewable sources. And you can attract a growing pool of customers who reward environmentally- aware businesses with their dollars.

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